While we all process our experiences in different ways, there are some common signs most of us experience in times of spiritual growth.  These themes signify we are transitioning through an energetic and spiritual death and rebirth.  We may experience all of them at one time or simply one at the time.  They are not listed in any particular order. 


1. Friends: Friends may think you are different (energetically, you are!) but they cannot tell why or even how.  Often times they may start to get upset with you.  Do not take it personally when this happens.  Keep in mind that by you working on your issues and changing your habitual patterns and beliefs, you are also challenging them to change.  Often times, one of two things will happen: 1.They get mad at you because, “it is your fault that things have changed”  or   2. They ask you what you did and how can you help them to do it too… And keep doing your practice.


2. Negative stories or false accusations: Some individuals my accuse you of something you did not do or invent a story in their  mind about the kind of person you ‘are/are becoming’.  They will be convinced that they know who you really are and what you are really up to.  Often this will happen with people you are acquaintances with or are outside of your personal circle. In other words, people who really do not know you at all.  I understand this can be frustrating; it happens to me all the time… Breathe. It is important for you to relax and not to react to them.  Send them love and have compassion for them.  Their stories indicate they are in a place of fear and lack of information. They say more about the state they are in than anything about you… And keep doing your practice.


3. Nothing makes you happy: Things that the used to make you happy no longer excite you.  You may feel as though nothing is making you happy and nothing ever will again.  The truth is, you are in limbo. It is important in this period to keep doing your practice.  It is a challenging time. It is easy to want to give up at this point or to lose your faith. Trust me, the light in the other side is just few steps away.  This is where having a community that you trust and can share with is so important! If you don’t feel you have one yet, I invite you to join me on my free monthly community call or sign up for my 6 week Emotional Detox program… And keep doing your practice.


4. Barbie or Ken: Your “ideal” man or woman may show up out of the blue, “Wow…. He/she is what I alway wanted!”.  This individul is usually a person you have dated before in a diferent body.  They may look different, but the energetic patterns are the same as you have seen before.  We have all been there.  Take it slow and do not jump into anything.  Most importantly,  do not ever compromize your spiritual work… And keep doing your practice.


5. Food doesn’t taste the same: Like I mentioned before,  you are in a death and rebirth process.  In order for that to fully shift, your entire body must go through the process, not just your emotional self: taste buds start changing,  you may have a metallic taste in your mouth.  You are physically regenerating new cells along with your new pattern.  Old cells and parasites are dying.  This may take some time, but when you are on the other side,  the flavors will be amazing.  In this prcess,  it is best to keep your diet very simple and not to eat anything that you  crave, especially junk food. (for more info click here.)…  And keep doing your practice.


6.You do not get bothered by things so easily: Things that used to upset you don’t any more.  This is a great sign that shows youare beginning to see things with different eyes. The new patterns are sinking in and you find yourself not getting caught up in your old stories or the stories of others… And keep doing your practice.

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7. External sensitivity: You may find yourself easily overstimulated by lights, sounds, smells, people places etc. This may make you want to run and hide  but is actually a very good sign that things are shifting.  In the beginning stages of spiritual growth, you are not used to perceiving the world around you with every cell in your body! Relax. Breathe. It is perfectly normal even though it may feel alarming at first.  Take it easy and trust that you will adjust in no time.  Pamper yourself and take care yourself, this is a way to know that you are getting closer to the next level… And keep doing your practice.


8. Knowing without knowing:  This happens when your spirit is comunicating with the spirit of people, places and things. This is a normal phenomena as your awarness is expanding and comunicating at a diferent level of vibration. Sometimes you will receive random information about people and it is important to remember that just because you know, does not mean you need to share or are meant to share.  It is best to just listen and be “big ears” for them…  And keep doing your practice.


Just remeber to keep breathing and give extra attention to nurturing yourself during this process. Take very good care of yourself as it is a deep and profound transition. Let the people close to you know what you are doing so they can help support you when things come up… And keep doing your practice.

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  1. Yvonne Gangone says:

    Thank you for sharing this! It’s so funny because every single one of these things apply every time I go through a new shift, every one of these applies! What’s funny is that when you’re in it you don’t realize it’s happening until someone reminds you or you remember!!

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